Friday, January 2, 2015

Jan 3-4, 2015


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Time Ordered Races / Entries - printable file
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1:20 ET  Affectionately S., Aqu, $100,000, 4&up, f&m, 1 1/16m  R3   CARD - Replay
        America Gets Up in Affectionately
7:00 ET  Blue Norther S., SA, $75,000, 3yo, f, 1mT  R8  CARD - Replay
         Lutine Belle wins by 1 1/4

1:20 ET  Fred "Cappy" Capossela S., Aqu, $100,000, 3yo, 6f  R3 CARD - Replay
         Majestic Affair cruises to victory Caposella Stakes

2:07 ET  OLD HAT S. G3, GP , $100,000, 3yo, f, 6f  R4  CARD
2:29 ET  What a Summer S., LP, $100,000, 4&up, f&m, 6f  R5  CARD
2:58 ET  Fire Plug S., LP, $100,000, 4&up, 6f   R6  CARD
3:27 ET  Nellie Morse S., LP, $100,000, 4&up, f&m, abt 1 1/16m  R7  CARD
3:43 ET  DANIA BEACH S. G3, GP , $100,000, 3yo, 7 1/2fT  R7  CARD
3:48 ET  JEROME S. G3, Aqu, $200,000, 3yo, 1m 70yds, R8 CARD
3:57 ET  Native Dancer S., LP, $100,000, 4&up, abt 1 1/16m  R8  CARD
4:03 ET  Spectacular Bid S., GP , $100,000, 3yo, 6f   R8  CARD
4:32 ET  Ginger Brew S., GP , $100,000, 3yo, f, 7 1/2fT  R9  CARD
5:01 ET Mucho Macho Man S., GP , $100,000, 3yo, 1m  R10  CARD
5:24 ET  Bonapaw S., FG, $60,000, 4&up, abt 5 1/2fT  R7  CARD
6:30 ET  SANTA YNEZ S. G2, SA, $200,000, 3yo, f, 6 1/2f  R7  CARD
7:00 ET  SAN GABRIEL S. G2, SA, $200,000, 4&up, 1 1/8mT R8  CARD
8:40 ET  Wintergreen S., TP, $60,000, 4&up, f&m, 1m  R6  CARD

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1:23 ET  Ruthless S., Aqu, $100,000, 3yo, f, 6f  R3  CARD
7:00 ET  MONROVIA S. G2, SA, $200,000, 4&up, f&m, abt 6 1/2fT  R8  CARD


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