Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jan 31-Feb 1, 2015

LET'S GO TO THE RACES JAN. 30-Feb 1, 2015

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Abbreviated post today!  See CARDS below; later, after the race has been run, return to the CARD for a Result and Replay.

Fillies vie for Grade 1 glory in Las Virgenes
Hovdey:  A 102 year old with a nice 3 year old


Time Ordered Races / Entries - printable format

Racing Index

1:43 ET  Ladies H (L)  Aqu  $100,000 4+ f/m  9f   R3  CARD 
4:20 ET  Suncoast S  Tam  $100,000 3yo f  8.32f    R9  CARD
4:34 ET  H. Allen Jerkens S  GP  $75,000 4+  2 miT  R9  CARD 
4:50 ET  South Endeavour S G3  Tam  $150,000 4+ f/m  8.5f T  R10  CARD
5:20 ET  Sam F. Davis S G3  Tam  #$250,000 3yo  8.5f  R11  CARD 
5:38 ET  Martha Washington S (L)  OP  $100,000 3yo f  8f  R8  CARD  
6:00 ET  Palos Verdes S G2  SA  $200,000 4+  6f    R6  CARD
6:30 ET  Arcadia S G2  SA  $200,000 4+  8f T  R7  CARD
7:00 ET  Las Virgenes S G1  SA  $300,000 3yo f  8f  R8  CARD 

Thinner Sadler is thick with contenders
Catalina Red faces stamina nd class test in Sam Davis

4:13 ET  Franklin Square S  Aqu  $125,000 3yo f S  6f  R8   CARD
4:30 ET  San Vicente S G2  SA  $200,000 3yo  7f   R6 CARD


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